• Puck

New Categories Added to TSR Blog

Hey TSR! It's Puck with some exciting news about the ThunderStorm Radio blog. I have added two new categories, Artist/Group/Duo of the Week and Misc. Since we are an online radio station, I figured why not have a category to recognize artists I really like! Also, I wanted to do something for fun to spice up the website and blog a little. Our main man, Joker, already has done a good job with setting up this blog and his posts. I just wanted to add to it.

That's also why I've created a miscellaneous section, simply titled "Misc.". If there's anything interesting in the news, and I mean news away from the online life, I will post it.

I hope you guys enjoy! Also, if you have any ideas for categories we should consider adding in the future, let us know. Anything to help keep this blog feeling fresh is appreciated!

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