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   This is ThunderStorm Radio's Staffing Area. Here you will see all of our staff in TSR and what they do! There are pics of each member here. If you would like to join us feel free to stop by our CHAT and contact a mod or manager, or just leave us a message on our CONTACT page. There generally are 3 ranks of staff in TSR, which are DJs, GREETERs, BOUNCERs, Managers, and Bosses. Each rank has different duties. Greeters just greet users as they come in chat, and help keep chat active. Bouncers just bounce bad users put of chat. Where as managers have more specific duties, like Social Media promotions, Dj Management, Event Management, etc. To become manager, just be active and show commitment. We do not have schedules, so you can come in on your own time.

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