Rule 1. EVERYONE must power down during the auction.
Rule 2. No talking in the bid chat unless you are the person being auctioned off, or the bidder. You will be gagged if you break this rule.
Rule 3. You must buy one person if you are bought at the auction or at-least try to. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOU DO. If you go more than 2 weeks without buying you will be banned. We do keep track of everyone.
Rule 4. If you buy someone and don't pay, you will be banned.
Rule 5. If you get bought and paid you must add the status the buyer wants for at least 2 days or be banned.
Rule 6. NO LINKS in the auction chats.
Rule 7. NO DRAMA! You will be given a warning then banned for the duration of the auction. RESPECT EVERYONE.


1. Start off by typing signup into the chat box
* it will show the word underlined.

* when the word shows up you click on it
- it will open a new tab 

2. Read the rules on the signup sheet then if you agree add your xat name used 
EXAMPLE: * Joker
                          * Becka
                          * Brat

3. When we start we will place the names of who signed up in the scroll.
4. The auctioneer will then call the first person's name from the list.
- For example  UP FIRST WE HAVE JOKER=====================

5. The "STARTING BID" can be 50 one day, 250 another or even 500 the next day, We do this so that it can be fair for everyone that way nobody feels left out or as if they can't partake due to limited xats. 
- THE AUCTIONEER WILL THEN SAY BRAT 200 for example which means BRAT has bid 200 xats on JOKER- 
- Others are able to out bid BRAT by going in increments of 5's. When it seems that the bids are slowing down the auctioneer will say "GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, SOLD TO..." whomever the highest bidder was....

6. When the auctioneer says "SOLD TO..." the person with the highest bid then clicks on the person who was 
sold and transfers the amount to them.

- The person who bought them can then give a status EXAMPLE: (

- The status is the words underneath the xat name.
in the image KING JOKER'S status is "HARLEY'S BBY 4EVER"

- You may add it to your name also... if you do not have status power.

7. Once the xats have been transferred, both parties reply "PAID".

- Do this in the AUCTION CHAT so that the auctioneer can move onto the next person.

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