Our original owner Misty Anderson created ThunderStorm Radio. In her own words "Tank Eme and them, the og owners of DawgPoundRadio.com, trusted me I guess because that's how TSR came around. Lol, I named it hehe glad they approved... I started out at CB69, then they changed to DPR... They might have split up but I still love them all no matter what path we take with our stations... I want the best for everyone and have fun again... Woot woot... this station you are allowed to cuss to a point just don't go overboard lol but, just relax and have fun at TSR!!!!." After Misty passed away from cancer, I took over and continued to keep TSR operating in her honor and memory. Misty was among one of the most kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing "online". I will always keep TSR going for as long as I can. We proud ourselves in meeting people from all around the world, and broadcast music the same. Our goal at TSR is to grow not just as a crew, but also as a family, because that is how Misty ran this place and I will not change that. We made it a very long way, and we have a further way to go. We are not perfect but we have FUN!